Sunday, November 11, 2007

My rescued pet

Hi Beau, the newest little boy in our family! Doesn't he look sweet? My husband calls him our "miracle dog". Beau was abandoned about half a mile from our house and came to us one afternoon about a month ago covered in ticks and fleas and very, very hungry. I called the nearby neighbors to be sure he didn't belong to anyone and after no one claimed him he became our little boy. He immediately got a good bath and annointed with tick drops and a flea collar and has been my little shadow every since. I took him in to the vet for a check over and found out he is about 6 months old and a full-blood Jack Russell terrier. Beau is very well-mannered and is already housebroken and has claimed his spot on the foot of the recliner or the bed (when he isn't IN the bed, completely under the covers and at the foot of the bed). As you can see in these photos, Beau was very lucky to find a family to love him.

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LadyLydiaSpeaks said...

I had to smile when I saw this, because I have a "recycled pet" also. I didn't not ever seek to have a dog, but this one had been owned several times and someone left it here because they were moving. She has been with me now for many years and has turned out to be a very loyal pet, always coming to my side at the least sound of anxiousness in my voice. She is a good mouser and she will do anything I tell her too. She was never really trained or taught obedience, she just wanted to please me. I'm not a "dog person" but this one really won my heart.