Sunday, June 8, 2008

Repurposed Items for Your Yard and Garden

I've been looking through yard and garden magazines while I'm vacationing at my mom's and found several great ideas for repurposing items that I thought were worth sharing:

* Old bowling balls......use one in place of a gazing ball in your garden. The marbled ones look prettiest and are much more durable than a glass gazing ball. Just place them hole side down on the base of a birdbath or gazing ball stand and voila!

* Half-gallon plastic milk or juice jug.....cut away the bottom of the jug, then cut out the handle side of the jug almost to the handle in an oval shape. Now you have a scoop for birdseed, potting soil or anything else you need to scoop. Be sure to leave the cap on the end of the jug.

* Plastic hair pick.....add it to your garden tools to gently loosen the roots of root-bound plants.

* Old mailbox.....mount an old mailbox on a post in your gardening area to hold your small gardening tools. This keeps them close at hand but out of the weather. Put the flag up to remind yourself that a tool needs to be put back. Put the flag down to show that everything has been put away. Make it pretty by painting your old mailbox with a garden or floral theme.

* Plastic milk crate/storage cube....if you have a milk crate or storage cube you are no longer using, give it a new life as a holder for pole-mounted yard art that you store away during the winter months. Put one pole in each opening and it will be much easier to separate them when Spring comes.

* Another use for discarded bowling balls.....paint them to look like garden creatures. The ones I saw were painted like oversized ladybugs and were really cute! To stabilize them paint them so that the hole is the "belly" and place it on a short stake.

I hope these ideas are helpful to you. I'd love it if you would comment with other ideas on repurposing items in the yard or garden!


Cathy said...

Hi Debbie,

I love the old mailbox to hold the garden tools. One of the shops here in NE sold mosaic mailboxes on a stand last summer for under $100. I haven't seen them yet this year, but if I don't I'm getting one for my garden. I love the idea!

Pink hugs,

jane said...

These are some great ideas Debbie, thank you so much for the idea of painting the old mailbox.

I might just have to give our one out the front a facelift...

Dotty Delightful said...

i have been wondering what to do with my dads bowling ball thats been under my bed for a few years, thanks for the great idea!