Friday, January 9, 2009

Putting those plastic coffee cans to good use.......

Need some some tips for putting empty plastic coffee containers to good use? Wash them thoroughly in soapy dishwater, rinse well, then air dry. Or you can do what I do and run them through the dishwasher before reusing. Here are some ways I reuse plastic coffee cans:

1. Make a mini-compost bin next to your kitchen sink. Once it is full just add it to your compost bin outside, or spread it over your garden. Rinse the can and reuse.

2. Use them as canisters for flour, sugar, rice, cereal and pasta in your cabinets. Just label each one and they can be stacked easily to save space.

3. Remove the lids and use them to organize your shoes. A pair will fit vertically in each container. For high-heels, hang the heels over the top edge.

4. Use plastic coffee can lids under potted plants.

5. Plastic coffee cans make wonderful paint cans. I store all of my leftover paints in them. Just paint a swab across the top of the lid so you'll know what color is in the can.

6. Use plastic coffee cans to transport and store toilet paper and other items you want to keep dry when camping.

7. Bird seed and pet foods can be stored in plastic coffee cans.

If you have other uses for empty plastic coffee cans I would love to hear them!
(Click on the coffee cup for ways to recycle coffee grounds.)

Happy Recycling in 2009!

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matt at house clearance said...

I love this post, such novel ways of using and recycling old coffee items. very nice work