Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Welcome to Twice Upon a Time!

Because I live in a rural area where we don't have a recycling center available, I worried that I had not been doing my part to recycle and conserve. Suddenly one day it occurred to me that I have actually been recycling all of my adult life without even realizing it!

Merriam-Webster defines the term "recycle" as: to adapt to a new use, to make ready for reuse and to bring back. Each one of these definitions can be applied to my decorating projects. When I shop, I never shop for new items. My favorite shopping venues are auctions, estate sales, thrift stores, yard sales, fleamarkets and antique shops. My own personal decorating style leans toward the shabby cottage look; however, I have helped others decorate in a more minimalistic style. Both of these looks were achieved without purchasing anything that was brand new, never used.

If this type of recycling interests you be sure to check back soon for upcoming posts in which I will show you pictures of my 1920s cottage completely decorated and furnished with recycled, second-hand, and hand-me-down items that have been given a new life. Meantime, please take a minute to scroll to the bottom of this page and take my shopping poll.


Le-Chat said...

I wanted to vote, but my option isn't there! I check the curbs before anything else ;)
Btw, added you to my friends on Blogcatalog. Check my links, you would totally love Jenn T's site if you don't know it already.

yours truly said...

Wonderful! I just love what you've done with your little cottage. I live in a 1920's Sear's kit-house ... not a weekend house, mind you, but home. Not easy decorating a teeny house for comfort and beauty! You've done an amazing job!